About us

We create colours which are rich and pure, authentic yet versatile and highly pigmented


Creating absolute, sophisticated and sleek paint options to suit any and every type of requirement. From our high-quality ingredients to our special methods, our 100% water-based range of finishes and our responsible practices, it’s about so much more than just paint.


Choosing the right paint for your home can be a daunting task. Whether to be brave, bold or more muted in your palettes can be one of the hardest decisions. We offer a smarter choice for your family, favourable to home and kind to the environment.

Paints & Colours

Colourful life for all

Our commitment to the environment fill up everything we do, from procuring raw materials to assisting you in recycling project leftovers.

We create all of our hallmark hues for a deeper, richer look and an amazing response to light, from subtle neutrals to inky darks, fresh greens to bright reds.