Experience Enamel Brilliance & Vibrancy

Discover a world of vibrant colours that will breathe life into your walls, furniture, and décor. Our enamel paints are expertly crafted to provide a flawless & long-lasting finish, ensuring your spaces stay beautiful for years to come.

Exceptional Durability

The tough & resilient nature of enamel ensures that your painted surfaces remain looking fresh & vibrant.

high gloss luster

Enamel paints are particularly favoured for adding a luxurious touch to trim work, furniture & decorative elements.

Excellent Adhesion

This strong bond ensures a long-lasting finish that resists chipping, peeling & fading, providing excellent protection.

Quick Drying & Easy Cleanup

Relatively quick drying time, enabling faster completion of painting projects offering water-based options.

Royal Plus Exterior Primer

Performance and produces a uniform, ready to finish wall surface. It tolerates a high PH common in new masonry and ensures a uniform look. It is ideal for minor dry wall damage, filling scratches, grooves and pinholes.

Technical Data:
Area of Application: Exterior walls.
Method of Application: Can be applied by Brush or Roller.
Thinning: 50-60% by volume
Coverage: 130-140 sq. ft. per liter per coat.
ShapePacking available: 20 Ltr., 10 Ltr., 4 Ltr., 1 Ltr.

Royal Yellow Zinc Primer

Royal Yellow zinc Primer is a solvent based protective primer suitable for interior and exterior ferrous and surface treated non-ferrous metal work. It gives effective protection against Corrosion to the surface and has strong adhesion properties.

Technical Data:
Shape Packing available: 500ml 1ltr 4ltr and 20ltr 

Royal Red Oxide Primer

Royal Red oxide metal primer acts as a preparatory or protective coating that prevents rust formation on the ferrous metal surfaces exposed to humidity and air

Technical Data:
Packing available: 500ml, 1ltr, 4ltr, 20ltr