Putty Perfection: Smoothen, Level, and Unleash Paint Brilliance

Experience the magic of our high-quality putty, designed to transform your walls. Smooth out imperfections, fill cracks, and create a flawless canvas for your paint. Achieve professional results that exude perfection and lasting beauty.

Surface Smoothing

Our premium putty effortlessly fills & smooths out surface imperfections. A seamless & flawless base.

Enhanced Paint Adhesion

Create an optimal surfac for paint adhesion, resulting in a more durable & long-lasting finish.

Easy Application

A smooth & workable consistency that allows for effortless spreading & levelling.

Professional Finish

Creates a smooth, uniform surface that enhances the appearance of your walls & brings out the best in your chosen colour.

Royal Fine Cement Based Wallputty

White-cement based interior smooth wall putty. It may be applied on prepared masonry, concrete, plaster, mortar and gypsum surface. It’s formulated specially for use as putty or filler to fill unevenness and dents on the surface.

Technical Data:
Area of Application: Interior walls
Coverage: 10-12 sq. ft./kg. /mm.
Finish: Smooth Finish.
ShapePacking available: 40 kg, 20 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg. (Bag)